Hangzhou Huace 2019 Year-end Party and Annual Outstanding Em

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“Inheritance + persistence” create today, “symbiosis + win-win”build the future. In order to welcome the new year, Hangzhou Huace FoamPackaging Co., Ltd. and HANGZHOU HUACE MANUFACTURE&TRADE CO.,LTD held agrand annual party for the end of 2019 at Relex Hotel on December 31, 2019. Thetheme of it is “struggle”. Hangzhou Huace's employees and invited leaders,suppliers and other partners gathered together. It's funny, like a family. We lookedback at the glorious past, grasp the present, and looking forward to a betterfuture.

  At the annual party, the general manager of thecompany, Mr. Bao and Mr. Yang, came to the stage to give a new year's speech,and proposed that 2020 is a new start, a new opportunity, new challenges, newtasks and goals. We start and go with the passion of learning. In the new year,Huace will work harder and provide customers with better services, in order to achievethe vision of the two companies more early!

   Subsequently, the host announced the listof Huace's 2019 Person of the Year, Outstanding Employee Award. Mr. Baopersonally presented the awards of Huace's Personality of the Year, and calledon all employees to learn from them, to learn their dedication andresponsibility in their posts, and to learn their team spirit of taking care ofthemselves and the overall situation!

  The employees of various departments at theannual party brought a variety of performances, including dancing, singing,sketches and other programs. There was also a lottery link in the middle. Withthe participation of the prizes, lucky prizes, third prizes, second prizes, andfirst prizes, the atmosphere of the annual party was gradually pushed to theclimax.

   The annual party not only brought laughterto everyone, but also brought colleagues' hearts closer to each other. Thecompany leaders and employees interacted with each other personally. Thesinging, applause and cheers echoed all the time. The whole annual conferenceshowed the unity, endeavor, joy and harmony of the big family of Huace.