Huace participated in the EUROBIKE SHOW once again in German

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Huaceparticipated in the EUROBIKE SHOW once again in Germany

From September 4th to 7th, the Huace team once again went to thebicycle exhibition EUROBIKE SHOW in Munich, Germany, and achieved a greatsuccess.

At this show, we brought more than 30 classic models and four newmodels, and launched the latest flipflop colouring, brushed and reflectivetechnology, which attracted a large number of new and old clients from all overthe world. Among the visiting guests, there are some international big brandsas well as some super-markets. It means that after several years of hard work,Huace's products have gradually attracted the attention of these high-endcustomers, which laid a good foundation for the future development of Huace.

This is our fourth consecutive year at EUROBIKE. On the one hand,more and more customers have learned about our factory strength, productquality and great service. On the other hand, we are constantly learning aboutthe market, customer needs and the trend of the times." To become the besthelmet manufacturer in China ", Huace has been firmly on the road. Huace,come on!